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Book the perfect car for all of your long-term needs! Whether your car is in the shop or you need a vehicle for work. We have the perfect economy cars for you! 

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We offer a collection of cars provided by the best owners in the Fredericksburg area exclusively! We have the solution for your travel needs.

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We offer a variety of cars directly from our company and from our car sharing partners!
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Security Deposit Information!

We take a $250 deposit on all the cars. You will forfeit these percentages for the following:

Removal of Trackers
Illegal Activity
Smoking or Excessive Trash (50%)
Toll Usage (Only 2% + Fees You Incurred)


Weekly mileage = 1,400 miles

Rideshare program = Unlimited miles

Authorized Drivers

Add up to 2 more authorized drivers for a $50 fee!
Reviews From Our Client
Awesome car service! I have the pleasure of renting with this company long term and they have been so helpful. The car is clean and was brought to me in great condition. The maintenance on it was up to date. Honestly I couldn’t ask for a more detailed, consistent, convenient company to rent a car from. Also the prices are very reasonable for long term renting. With me they have secured a client for life. As as long I need a car to rent I will always come back to DMV rides.
Latisha E.
Amazing experience! I was nervous renting at first but Warren was able to answer all of my questions. He was very affordable and easy to work with. Warren is a great host and plan to rent from him regularly!! Would definitely recommend.
Jasmine J
Great company to rent a vehicle. I'd always had an amazing experience every time I rent from them. Not only they have affordable rate but the host is excellent and easy to communicate with. I'm glad I found them.
Lenni B.
11 out of 10 I would definitely recommend! I've been with dmv rides for about 5 months and I absolutely love them!!
T'Raña Ross

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